Did your husband tell you he doesn’t want you in his life anymore and filed for divorce? In this situation you have to know what you are doing or you’ll find yourself alone! I want to tell you how you can save your marriage even if your husband wants a divorce and it seems impossible to win his heart back!

So, do you know why he did this? Why did he decide to leave you? You must know the reason to get him back. If he made this move you probably know why and the first thing you have to do is to fix it! Every relationship is based on many things and if something isn’t working it causes a break up! You have to make him think that if he’ll come back to you, you’ll find a way to make your marriage work again!

Since begging and crying never helped any woman to get her man come back to her, you should avoid this to! Men don’t love desperate and weak women, and by panicking you’ll only make him think that he was right when he filed for divorce. You want him back, so you have to attract him back! Improve your looks by losing some weight and getting new, sexy clothes. Radiate self confidence and strength when you are talking to him. Show him that you want him back, but you are not desperate and if he wants to leave you respect his decision! I know it sounds crazy but you have much more chances to get him back this way!

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